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What Happens to Mineral Rights When Someone Dies?

Inherit Mineral Rights Without Losing Money Mineral rights are complex. If you inherit them without understanding them, you could lose money, or worse, the property itself. Many owners have been conned by one-sided contracts. Others have missed big opportunities they didn’t understand. With the prominence of the oil and gas industry, especially in Texas, understanding…
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Unsolicited Offers to Purchase Minerals and Royalties

If you own oil and gas minerals, you have received an offer in the mail to purchase them. Most letter offers don’t list an offer price, but some do. So what about those that do list a value? Are those numbers a good market value for your oil and gas royalties? A reputable company may…
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WHAT ARE OIL & GAS MINERAL, ROYALTY & OVERRIDING ROYALTY INTERESTS? Oil and gas minerals, royalties, and overriding royalties are similar in that they all receive revenues from the production of oil and gas from a well, and they do not pay for the drilling or monthly operating expenses of the well. Often you will…
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I Own the Surface. Do I Own the Mineral Rights?

Mineral rights (subsurface rights) generally transfer with the surface unless there is a reservation. What is a reservation? …Grantor does hereby grant, sell and convey unto Grantee all interest in and to that certain property, described as [legal description]. Grantor reserving, however, all oil, gas and other minerals… This clause can be stated a number…
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Mineral and Royalty Estates: 4 Ways to Avoid Probate

Why avoid probate? Well, it’s long, it’s costly, and mineral and royalty estates can add some additional challenges, especially if the properties are located in a different state than where the decedent was domiciled. Probate is typically administered where the decedent established their home. The estate is subject to the requirements of that particular jurisdiction.…
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The Future of Oil & Gas

I’m often asked my opinion about anything energy-related. Where are oil prices headed? What about the natural gas glut? How about corn, solar and wind? And the list goes on … The truth is that these are interesting times. Technology has and will continue to give us new oil and gas resources as we get…
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Will You Walk Me Thru the Typical Oil Royalty Sales Process?

At Legacy Royalties, the process typically goes like this … An oil and gas mineral owner calls or emails and expresses a desire to sell. If the owner is receiving oil royalty checks, we ask for copies of the last 3 check stubs (the attachment to the check listing well names, county, state, oil and…
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How Long Will I Receive Royalty Income From My Oil Lease?

Royalty income from an oil and gas lease will be paid so long as a product is produced from the lease. Royalties are a proportionate part of the revenue received from the sale of oil, gas or other materials from a well or lease and paid to the royalty owners based on a lease agreement…
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Something Old, Something New

My oldest daughter was engaged this weekend. Apparently she was surprised as her nails weren’t done the day of … the tell tale sign I’m told! Two years ago I reminisced about my youngest of four leaving for college. It felt hollow. An event forced not chosen. It marked the end of an era, and…
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Sell or Keep Your Oil & Gas Royalties?

You may have wondering when you should sell your oil & gas royalties? This is not a simple question. We spend a good amount of time answering simple questions … Why did my payments go down? How do I transfer my interests to a trust? What’s the difference in a royalty versus an overriding royalty?…
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