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How Reliable Are Unsolicited Offers For Oil Royalties?

Oil Royalties, Oil Gas Minerals, Purchase Gas InterestsAnyone owning producing oil and gas minerals receives a fair number of mail outs offering to purchase their interests. So, how reliable are the prices quoted?

Well, there are some reputable companies that quote prices they intend to honor, which is good. However, there are others that will intentionally quote a high price just to get your attention, but then back it down once you enter into discussions. Their goal is to engage you in conversation all the while intending to lead you to sell at a much lower price, which is bad. Finally, some companies make a good faith offer to purchase your oil minerals but lower their price due to discrepancies discovered during due diligence, which is unfortunate but not intentional.

The bottom line is that if you are thinking about selling your oil royalties and receive an offer that’s outlandish, don’t quit your day job! Enter into discussions carefully and be prepared to bail if you feel manipulated.

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Steve Smith is the founder and president of Legacy Royalties. Since 1994, Mr. Smith has worked as an independent oil and gas operator, mineral manager and petroleum engineering consultant.

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