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Selling Your Mineral Rights In Texas? Need To Talk To An Oil & Gas Royalty Company?

We close sales quickly with no cost to you, your trust, or your estate.

Legacy Royalties is an oil and gas royalty buyer and mineral rights purchaser. We purchase oil royalties, gas royalties, and mineral rights across the United States. We close sales quickly with no cost to the individual, trust, or estate that is selling oil royalties.

Legacy Royalties has been offering competitive purchase prices for oil and gas properties since 1994 and is managed by a petroleum engineer with over 25 years of experience. Call us today or fill out our Receive An Offer form if you are interested in selling oil and gas royalties. If you are considering selling leased minerals or non-producing mineral rights, please call us to discuss. Receive An Offer

Reasons To Sell Your Mineral Rights

If you’re a mineral rights owner, you’ve probably heard the same advice for years: Never sell your mineral rights. While selling isn’t right for everyone, it can be highly beneficial for some mineral interest owners.

Here are 3 common reasons people sell their mineral rights:

To Make Money Quickly

If you’re not currently earning gas royalties, it could take many years before the property begins generating income for you. Allowing an investor to purchase your mineral rights can provide you with a large lump sum of money.

To Reduce Risk Of Financial Loss

The world is changing. The profitability of owning oil and gas royalties is becoming less certain, especially in the current political climate. Selling your oil and gas royalties guarantees that you make money today.

To Simplify Family Legal Issues

Whether you’re planning your estate, probating a will, or going through a divorce, distributing oil and gas royalties can be complicated. Often those involved may benefit most from the profits that come from selling the rights.


If you need to plan your estate, determine true market value, or get a valuation for tax purposes, our petroleum engineers provide accurate mineral rights appraisals.
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Want to learn more about how to sell mineral rights, why to sell, and what else you should know about selling gas royalties? See our FAQ.

Mineral Rights Buyers Who Care About You

When it comes to companies that buy mineral rights and oil leases, we take the opportunity to value your oil and gas mineral properties seriously. We strive to provide an honest assessment and a fair offer without pressuring you to sell your Texas mineral rights.

We genuinely appreciate the chance to give you an offer. If you are looking to sell oil rights or sell mineral royalties, we hope you’ll give us the opportunity to be your oil and gas mineral buyer.

Visit our Royalty Appraisals page to learn more about getting a mineral rights appraisal from experienced Texas mineral buyers.

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