The Future of Oil & Gas

The Future of Oil & Gas

Oil, Gas, Energy, Sell Minerals, Buy Minerals

Oil, Gas, Energy, Sell Minerals, Buy MineralsI’m often asked my opinion about anything energy-related. Where are oil prices headed? What about the natural gas glut? How about corn, solar and wind? And the list goes on …

The truth is that these are interesting times. Technology has and will continue to give us new oil and gas resources as we get better and better at locating and extracting carbohydrates. Corn and other “renewable” resources will continue to receive subsidies that will keep them viable, although the cost in terms of carbon footprint is actually higher than a comparable amount of gasoline or natural gas.

And what about batteries? Again, the carbon footprint is high when you consider all the costs, but it just sounds so good! Batteries are getting smaller and better, and battery powered cars are likewise improving.

So what does this mean for oil and gas? Well, the need and uses will always exist, but it’s no longer the only game in town. People used to say that oil and gas in the ground is like money in the bank, and there’s no urgency to develop. Some still say so, but I’m not so sure. I believe the wise move is developing your oil and gas minerals now and turning them into cash sooner than later. No one knows what tomorrow holds, but all we have to do is look over our shoulder to determine the direction.

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