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Mineral and Royalty Estates: 4 Ways to Avoid Probate

Why avoid probate? Well, it’s long, it’s costly, and mineral and royalty estates can add some additional challenges, especially if the properties are located in a different state than where the decedent was domiciled. Probate is typically administered where the decedent established their home. The estate is subject to the requirements of that particular jurisdiction.…
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The Future of Oil & Gas

I’m often asked my opinion about anything energy-related. Where are oil prices headed? What about the natural gas glut? How about corn, solar and wind? And the list goes on … The truth is that these are interesting times. Technology has and will continue to give us new oil and gas resources as we get…
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Will You Walk Me Thru the Typical Oil Royalty Sales Process?

At Legacy Royalties, the process typically goes like this … An oil and gas mineral owner calls or emails and expresses a desire to sell. If the owner is receiving oil royalty checks, we ask for copies of the last 3 check stubs (the attachment to the check listing well names, county, state, oil and…
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How Long Will I Receive Royalty Income From My Oil Lease?

Royalty income from an oil and gas lease will be paid so long as a product is produced from the lease. Royalties are a proportionate part of the revenue received from the sale of oil, gas or other materials from a well or lease and paid to the royalty owners based on a lease agreement…
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