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I Own the Surface. Do I Own the Mineral Rights?

Mineral Rights, Oil, Gas, Minerals, Sell Oil, Sell GasMineral rights (subsurface rights) generally transfer with the surface unless there is a reservation. What is a reservation? …Grantor does hereby grant, sell and convey unto Grantee all interest in and to that certain property, described as [legal description]. Grantor reserving, however, all oil, gas and other minerals… This clause can be stated a number of different ways and the reservation can be broadened or limited depending on the intent of the Grantor. Point being, not all of Grantor’s right, title and interest transfers.

As a mineral rights buyer, now for over 20 years, spotting reservation language is obviously a very significant part of our title due diligence. Just because the most recent 5 title transfer documents do not contain reservation language does not mean there is a mineral interest there to transfer.

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Steve Smith is the founder and president of Legacy Royalties. Since 1994, Mr. Smith has worked as an independent oil and gas operator, mineral manager and petroleum engineering consultant.

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