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Falling Oil and Gas Prices: What It Means For Royalty Owners

What does falling oil and gas prices mean for oil and gas royalty owners?  Well firstly, it means we get a long awaited break at the gas pump next time we fill up our car and our heating bills will be lower this winter as we run heaters and light up the gas logs.  As…
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Missing Oil and Gas Royalty Revenues

We often get asked about missing oil and gas royalty revenues.  Usually, the request comes from a descendant that recalls grandma receiving checks from an oil and gas company long ago.  The most common reason oil and gas royalties go MIA is because the owner has passed away.  Once the oil and gas company paying…
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Your Oil and Gas Royalty Check: What Are All Those Product Codes?

Mineral owners with producing properties are familiar with receiving oil royalties or natural gas royalties.  But what about all of those other product codes on your royalty check?  Most commonly, royalty owners refer to themselves as having oil and gas rights or owning oil and gas royalties, but oil and gas are general terms that…
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Mineral and Royalty Estates: 4 Ways to Avoid Probate

Why avoid probate? Well, it’s long, it’s costly, and mineral and royalty estates can add some additional challenges, especially if the properties are located in a different state than where the decedent was domiciled. Probate is typically administered where the decedent established their home. The estate is subject to the requirements of that particular jurisdiction.…
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Helpful Oil & Gas Definitions

HELPFUL TERMS Listed below are general definitions commonly used in the oil and gas industry:   GENERAL OIL & GAS DEFINITIONS   ASSIGNMENT The legal instrument whereby Oil and Gas Leases or Overriding Royalty interests are assigned/conveyed. ASSIGNEE The person to whom Oil and Gas Leases or Overriding Royalty are assigned. ASSIGNOR Person conveying Oil…
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Helpful Terms & Definitions to Know When Dealing in Oil & Gas

HELPFUL TERMS Listed below are descriptions of different oil and gas deeds as well as definitions of estate and probate terminology commonly seen when transferring oil and gas royalties from estates:   OIL & GAS DEED TERMINOLOGY   JOINT TENANT DEED Transfers undivided co-ownership to two or more people whereby, upon the death of the…
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