Author: Steve Smith

Here’s Why Producers Are Still Pumping At These Prices

Here’s why Producers are Still Pumping at These Prices It’s easy to see how we arrived where we are at with domestic oil supply when you look at the production numbers coming out of North America’s shale oil plays. The production volumes are enormous in some of these areas. Take the Eagle Ford Shale for…
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What’s Coming Down the Pipe in 2016?

The New Year is off to a strange start as much of the country is just now starting to feel like winter is finally here.  Some parts of the northeast experienced record warm temperatures in December which have not helped to reverse the year-long downward trend for oil and gas prices.  Natural gas is currently…
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The Oil Business According To Steve! – Chasing Rabbits – A New Chapter

The Oil Business According To Steve! Chasing Rabbits – Starting A New Chapter Does your mind ever wander? Do certain life events cause you to stop and ponder? Most of my working days are spent talking to oil and gas royalty owners, discussing selling oil royalties, and helping with an occasional oil and gas appraisal.…
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The Dallas Morning News: Royalty Checks Shrivel

An article produced by the Dallas Morning News highlights the effect lower oil and gas prices are having on mineral and royalty owners.  The piece also tackles some misconceptions about royalty owners with insight from Jerry Simmons, executive director of the National Association of Royalty Owners.   Read the article here:

Oil & Gas Cradle to Grave – The Economics

The Oil Business According to Steve!   Oil & Gas Cradle to Grave – The Economics In a prior blog we identified an oil and gas “prospect” … a location we think contains significant oil and gas reserves … so now what? Before any leases are negotiated, before any wells are drilled, before any oil…
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Oil & Gas from Cradle to Grave: The Prospect

The Oil Business According to Steve! Oil & Gas from Cradle To Grave:  The Prospect  Recently I was reflecting on the complexities of the oil and gas business: seismic data, geologic mapping, oil and gas royalty ownership, horizontal drilling, production facilities, refining … the list goes on! “Why so complicated?” Well, it’s a high tech,…
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Oklahoma Pooling: 5 Quick Facts

5 Quick Facts about Oklahoma Pooling Having your minerals pooled into a drilling unit in Oklahoma is very common and is becoming increasingly more and more common, especially for smaller tracts of lands. Here are five quick facts about pooling in Oklahoma. In lieu of a lease Pooling is the operating company’s remedy for obtaining…
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Royalty Appraisal – Finding an Appraiser

Oil Royalty Appraisal If you have ever been tasked with getting an appraisal for oil and gas royalties or mineral rights, you understand the challenges of finding a firm that provides these kinds of services. Appraisals are often needed to determine a value for the sale of a company’s assets or the distribution of a…
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Mineral and Royalty Sales

Mineral and Royalty Sales For over 20 years now Legacy Royalties has been purchasing royalties and mineral rights.  Many times the seller is someone we have done business with in the past.  Why the repeats?  We believe it is because we always give our best offer, we keep the process of selling royalties simple for…
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Falling Oil and Gas Prices: What It Means For Royalty Owners

What does falling oil and gas prices mean for oil and gas royalty owners?  Well firstly, it means we get a long awaited break at the gas pump next time we fill up our car and our heating bills will be lower this winter as we run heaters and light up the gas logs.  As…
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