Something Old, Something New

Something Old, Something New

My oldest daughter was engaged this weekend. Apparently she was surprised as her nails weren’t done the day of … the tell tale sign I’m told!

Two years ago I reminisced about my youngest of four leaving for college. It felt hollow. An event forced not chosen. It marked the end of an era, and I was sad.

Not so with the engagement; it feels new, alive! The fiancée seems to be decent: my daughter says he’s handsome, my wife thinks he’s sweet, and he claims to live off his earnings not the government. I’m keeping a close eye.

So far I’m excited! The Smith Family is back in the game, expanding our roster. Oh, sure, I’ve heard all the wedding horror stories. But it’s not going to rain on my parade, and even if it does, I choose to be happy! Another new beginning. I like it.

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